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Euro Kids is a brand of preschool and children school that was launched in India in 2001. Since the start of Euro Kids India, parents first of all have started trusting the Eurokids School to build a strong base for their children. Parents nowadays have the greatest concern for starting a good and wholesome education for their children. And for this, they do a lot of preschool searching and toiling to find the right place.

By right place is meant a right kind of environment where the parents can feel that their children are safe and are undergoing a healthy growth phase. This deficiency was filled up by the establishment of Eurokids in India. The motto of the Euro Kids group of schools is to provide an ambience and atmosphere to the young students and an individualistic approach. With both parents going out for work, and many living a nuclear family life, get very little time to guide the children. It is a requirement therefore of a place where the formative years of the kids are spent in a constructive manner. And this is best exemplified by the Euro Kids India concept.

As a preschool, the Eurokids have brought in a new perspective to the kindergarten teaching. Euro Kids India is a start to such an era. Children starting from 2 ½ years can go to this preschool. In Euro Kids, they are given the education both in curricular and extra curricular matters. The people behind the working of Euro Kids realize that the best reception is through the visual medium and in a playful manner. The curriculum of the Euro Kids India has been formed in a manner where children can learn with fun. The initial requirements about alphabets, digits, signs and different notations are all learned in a preschool. In Euro Kids this learning is through various multimedia kits and tools. Various 3D and 2D medium of visuals are used in Eurokids to bring a real effect of various learning materials.

With such a type of facility, parents want their children to be admitted to Eurokids for an all round development. This kind of development includes the extra curricular activities which are based on the culture and ethics of India. The manners are made to understand and the various art forms, dance forms are taught according to the interest of the kids in Euro Kids India.