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Euro Kids In India

The presence of around 450 schools in 140 cities in India in a period of 8 years is a testimony to the popularity and trust of these chains of schools that people have. The Euro Kids in Chennai started from the very beginning along with the Euro Kids Indiranagar in Bangalore. Even the Euro Kids in Noida and Euro Kids Indore are not far behind though their establishment was in recent years. Of the 7 Euro Kids in Lucknow, each one has made a mark for itself.

Beginning with its branch, Euro Kids Indiranagar laid the foundation of the school revolution which was simultaneously heralded by Euro Kids in Chennai. There are now 3 Euro Kids Indore and 7 branches of Euro Kids in Lucknow. To cater to the population of Noida, there is at present one Euro Kids in Noida but the sheer presence of one school makes it more demanded as in the Euro Kids in Chennai.

Like the growth of these schools in Bangalore to 33 after the first Euro Kids Indiranagar, the number of branches of Euro Kids in Chennai has grown to 27 at present. Many more Euro Kids in Noida are being planned as is being developed in Euro Kids Indore. Although, presently 7 branches of Euro Kids in Lucknow is catering to the people in the city, many other branches are being contemplated. Since most of the Euro Kids in Chennai are on a franchisee basis, the number has been constantly growing.

Even the franchisee that started with the Euro Kids Indiranagar, has now spread into every part of Bangalore city. The same growth pattern is being seen with the Euro Kids Indore and Euro Kids Lucknow. Since Euro Kids in Noida are closer to Delhi, not many got established here. But as the city grows by leaps and bounds as happened with Bangalore leading to multiplication of branches from Euro Kids Indiranagar, the same growth would be seen with Euro Kids in Noida.

The quality of education in these schools, inspite of the 33 branches of Euro Kids in Chennai has always been maintained. Or why else the number of Euro Kids in Lucknow would be constantly growing. The quality of education is constantly being watched over in Euro Kids in Noida and Euro Kids Indore to plan for further expansions as in the whole of India.